Mehndi paste recipe

Mehndi and Cone Preparation Process
(Mehendi/ Mehndi/ Henna)..

Different types of Mehndi and tips of homemade Mehndi

Get Henna/Mehndi Powder and fresh lemons.

Required tools for making Mehndi paste.

Cut the lomon and filter the juice into a bowl.

Add the filtered lemon juice into the Mehndi bowl.

Mix the powder by spoon and make a proper paste.

Then cover the bowl and keep it for 2-3 hrs. Now, take a small plastic.

Cut the platic in a sqaure shape and make the cone. Stick some tap on top of the sharp corner.

Fill the prepared paste into the corn with the help of a spoon.

Now, Mehndi cone is ready for applying.

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